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“Children must be taught How to think not what to think”

Today the role of the school is not only to pursue academic excellence but also to motivate and empower its students to be lifelong learners, critical thinkers and productive members of an ever-changing global society. Indus valley group of schools is one to take such pledge and bring a revolution in education. Situated within the premises of Eldeco City, IVPS is safe, secure, away from city traffic, noise and air pollution, amidst a very clean and green surrounding. The school spreads in 2.5 acres, also displays a very positive ambience. This obviously disciplines its children, naturally to have an innate passion for cleanliness and greenery.

The school is being run under the aegis of renowned and well-established management, “Vishal Educational & Cultural Society” and has earned its own niche in Noida, Lucknow, Prayagraj, Rath and plans to move across the globe. At Indus Valley, we provide an atmosphere to our students for multifaceted development, where children are encouraged to channelize their potential in pursuit of excellence, which is possible only in a holistic student centric environment. The talents, skills and abilities of each student need to be identified, nurtured and encouraged to transform into a total quality individual. Students need to be provided with a platform to think, express and exhibit their skills. It is necessary to give them experiential learning in order to push them successfully towards great achievements.

The school looks forward to impart strong values along with academic excellence and active participation in co-curricular activities. This kind of environment will without any doubt transform the child into a responsible, balanced and mature adult who will be able to live in to contribute and to shoulder responsibilities of the society, of which he forms an integral part.

Not to forget that the parents are the most powerful influence in moulding the future of children. Their consistent support empowers us to work wonders.I pay my gratitude to them for their faith in us.Thus making me confident enough to state that IVPians will make themselves stronger day by day adding a new leaf to the grandeur of the school.

I take the opportunity to bless my students and wish them good luck in future.



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